Olive Groves

There are 3000 olive trees from which seven varieties of olives grow high on the Orvieto hills.  These are important and fundamental to ensure the quality of Casale Ciaffardini  olive oil.

The Olive Groves of Antichi Casali di Charme are composed of 3000 olive trees, some recently planted while others are decades old, each of which is fundamental for the production of the seven cultivars: Leccino, Pendolino, Moraiolo, Canino, Maurino, Rosciola, Frantoio.

These cultivars are typical of the territory in which the estate extends and some of them fundamental for the production of Casale Ciaffardini Dop Colli Orvietani Oil. 

Our olive groves are processed and cultivated in respect of the surrounding environment, with skill and professionalism by our collaborator and Agronomist Mirco Carpegna, who follows personally  the entire production process, from cultivation to bottling.

In addition, the wonderful position in which our plants are located, gives perfect exposure to light and a  light wind that makes our olive trees strong and majestic.

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