Nature and the appreciation of the land are at the heart of our project.

What we want to convey to our customers is an idea of well-being and direct contact with nature in this wonderful land, through raw materials, food, sustainability and hospitality. For us, these are essential elements of well-being.

This is why we thought of creating a corner where our customers can enjoy a personalised experience, through high-quality natural techniques and products, in direct contact with the surrounding landscape to make a treatment a unique moment for the person from mind to body. the end you will be served a herbal tea with olive leaves with strong antioxidant power.

Argan oil treatment

The argan oil treatment with its super nourishing principles will immediately give a regenerating appearance to your skin, making it firmer and softer.
To allow the product to penetrate more deeply, you will immerse yourself for 20 minutes in our heated tub before proceeding with an intense massage with enveloping movements.
A treatment that will act in depth on your face and body, ideal for all skin types, a true anti-ageing ally for hair, face and body.
At the end you will immediately notice a more relaxed, soft and moisturised skin, thanks to its strong nourishing active ingredients.
At the end of the treatment you will be served a herbal tea with relaxing herbs.

Herbarium treatment

Herbarium treatment with rosemary and lavender to relieve tension and states of anxiety, with intense, fragrant aromas enveloping your body and mind and giving you a feeling of deep wellbeing. A massage with rosemary and lavender sachets soaked in their essential oil. A pampering that will give you a regenerating experience for body and mind.
Before the treatment, you will take a dip in our hot-water pool, enjoying the breathtaking view of our estate.
At the end you will be served herbal tea with herbs.

Olive oil treatment

A treatment for those who want to get in full contact with the land, a massage with extra virgin olive oil from our own production that is super moisturising and nourishing for your skin. A massage with olive branches soaked in oil that with gentle movements, alternating with intense movements, will give your body a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being. Before the treatment, you will take a dip in our heated tub.

Massage list

  • Swedish massage with citrus essential oil 50m 110€
  • Relaxing massage with 100% pure argan oil 90m 170€
  • Face and neck massage with 100% pure argan oil 45m 85€
  • Lymphatic drainage massage 60m 130€
  • Relaxing massage with extra virgin olive oil 90m 140€
  • Revitalising aloe massage 50m 95€
  • Relaxing massage with essential oil and lavender and rosemary pouches 60m 120€
  • Hot Stone Massage 50m 95€

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