The Vegetable Garden

From the love for the land and respect for nature comes our vegetable garden, where healthy, tasty and genuine products grow.

We like to identify our vegetable garden as the small wealth of the property, which makes attention to the production process and to detail a strong point in obtaining an excellent 100% BIO product.

Antichi Casali di Charme‘s vegetable garden is located in a strategic position from which it receives the breeze from the hills and the ideal light for its products to grow optimally.

Thanks to the characteristics of this clay-rich, minerals-rich soil, we obtain genuine products with an intense flavour.

We give great importance to the cultivation method, which is why we decided to use less water and instead create an habitat where the plants can sustain themselves according to the environmental conditions. We thus obtain intensely flavoured vegetables with less need for attention and chemicals for their development.


The vegetables obtained, depending on the season, will then be used in our kitchen to offer our guests a journey through the culinary panorama of the territory, through the TERRA tasting menu in our CASA OLIVA Restaurant, a journey that will create that perfect mix of food and relaxation to make your stay at Antichi Casali di Charme, unforgettable.


The use of vegetables in the kitchen is an idea that has always fascinated our Chef Federica Ciaffardini, which is why we decided to create a menu where the vegetable is the protagonist in every dish, each course is made with only one type of vegetable through different processings and consistencies of it.

Thus creating sustainable dishes with zero waste.


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